What is the difference between AGV, IGV and AMR


In addition to AGV, the new name IGV, AMR has emerged and gradually entered into peoples vision in mobile robot market in the past two years. Are they only name difference or technology upgrading? Let us talk about it today.

AGV is the abbreviation for Automated Guided Vehicle, It is a transport vehicle equipped with electromagnetic or optical or other auto guidance devices, which can run along the prescribed guidance path. It has three protection type to avoid safety problem such as radar, infrared, obstacle avoidance safety strip, which deliver goods with loading mode carrying, lurking, towing etc. AGV has a long history of application and are now widely used in warehousing, logistics and manufacturing industries.

IGV means Intelligent Guided Vehicle. Compared with AGV, IGV is more flexible and can run without any road mark, and running path can be flexible and changeable .Its simple scheduling, flexible operation make it easy to adjust according to actual production requests, so that it can satisfy many factories. IGV is much suitable for application scenarios with higher requirements on flexibility such as 3C electronic manufacturing industry. But the price is also higher than AGV.

AMR is Automated Mobile Robot, it is different from AGV and IGV. AMR can use software to draw the inside map of the factory or import the factory or building map in advance to achieve navigation. This function is equivalent to a car equipped with GPS and a set of preloaded maps. When the car is set up peoples home and working addresses, it can generate the most convenient path according to the location on the map .Of course, powerful features make it more expensive than AGV and IGV, But user no needs to upgrade their factory and can use AMR directly, it can help save much costs.

So totally, AGV now is most effective cost and convenient transport tools, it can help factory or manufacturer to save working time and labors costs. We are producing multi function AGV with loading mode carrying/lurking/towing/warehouse AGV, forklift AGV etc. Its navigation has magnetic/laser/slam/QR/ with loading weight from 30kgs to 5T.